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Before I discuss being a white accomplice, what is an Accomplice? In United States criminal law an Accomplice is a person who voluntarily, knowingly and with common intent unites with another in committing a crime. If one aided the crime, through advice or encouragement, the accomplice can be equally punished. In fact, that’s true even if the Ally is absent when it was committed. Think of an Accomplice as Ethel is to Lucy, as Louise is to Thelma, as Ann Perkins is to Leslie Knope.

White accomplice friendships  #BlackLivesMatter

Editor’s note: I failed to find any inspirational interracial friendships between black and white women. WTF?

white accomplice white ally

I’ve always found it interesting the law holds co-conspirators to an increased penalty. Moreover, the court reasons a crime is more likely to occur if more than one person is involved in it. The psychology is sound. I’m much more likely to show up for boot camp if I’m meeting my friend there. In that sense, a compatriot is the difference between thigh girth and thigh gap.

White ACCOMPLICE (aka white ally)

white accomplice white ally

white accomplice protest

In the streets of Ferguson, there was safety in numbers. Likewise, it was crucial to have a buddy looking out for you. Buddies can spy cops poised to kettle, hold your keys and video your arrest. One reason Ferguson was monumental was because strangers with nothing obvious in common came together for collective outrage. We had to develop trust on the fly. Solidarity despite suspicion. As a white person in a largely black and brown movement, if asked I could use my privilege. I could use it as a shield and a sword. In other words, I could aid and abet. I could be an Accomplice, an Ally.

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