witness: womanist killjoy

The justice system teems with witness

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witness your destiny

Firstly, a witness comes in many forms. For instance, a womanist killjoy can enjoy Witness Protection as an Eyewitness. See how I word packed that sentence with witnesses? The court can designate a witness as an alibi and qualified witness. In fact, a killjoy of womanism can provide Witness testimony and offer Rebuttal witness testimony. There are character and material witnesses. Indeed, a Womanist killjoy can Defense and Prosecution witness. She can even Expert, Lay and fact witness. In addition, it’s also possible to be a womanist killjoy Jehovah’s witness. That may be more killjoy than the Jehovah’s can handle, though. Just sayin’.

Bearing WITNESS in your day job is crucial to being a responsible member of society. Moreover, it is recognizing privileges and being self-aware. Witnessing is speaking out for others and calling shit out.

Why womanist killjoy?

“womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender”.

-Alice walker

Womanism also connotes universality and inclusivity, which is not always true of feminism. Feminism in the past often meant white feminism, with little regard for intersectionality. Fuck that shit. It’s not enough.

When #MeToo burst onto the scene, I watched by the sidelines. The legal profession is male-dominated, chauvinistic and slow to change. Regardless, I didn’t believe my law firm and corporate legal department experiences amounted to sexual harassment. I thought #MeToo was sacrosanct. I didn’t want to diminish it with trivial brushes with sexism. In truth, I interpreted #MeToo by the legal definition of quid pro quo. Cutting to the chase, no one made my modest ascent up the corporate ladder contingent upon blowing them.

#me too doesn’t apply, or does it?

At some point I realized sexism was so pervasive I didn’t even recognize it. Upon further reflection, I realized a man has made inappropriate advances and minimized me in every single job I’ve ever held. I’m ashamed I lived in the 1990’s and failed to understand I slut shaming Monica Lewinsky. This shit is off the chain, ya’ll! So, yeah, I’m hostile.

“Killjoy” may be redundant to “hostile”. Regardless, I like the emphasis. Killjoy is one of the tropes sexists use to deflect blame from themselves for their horrible behavior. When you hang out with Hostile Wit, expect Hostility. Womanist killjoy hostility to the status quo, patriarchy, sexism, the whole nine. Jump in! The water’s just fine! We can hash these things out together until we’re pruney.

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