Autism not Rudeness: Full of Surprises

I’m full of surprises these days. Before I explain some behavior is a result of autism not rudeness, it turns out I don’t need chemotherapy. Only I sort of wanted it.
Who in their right mind would want chemotherapy? I do, as it turns out. It has surprised me, but I guess I’m a full court press girl. So far, I think there is a less likely chance that the doctors will recommend chemo. This is of course, good news. My Surgeon has advised very carefully that chemo is not necessarily warranted for THIS cancer, but will defer that decision to the Medical Oncologist who may determine chemo is indicated for a recurrence of ANOTHER cancer. I really just want the f*cker eradicated and sent into orbit on its way to Pluto. Take that, be-otches!
autism not rudeness

Just another day in the life today. Devlin has taken to loudly shouting at me in public, “I DON’T WANT TO HOLD YOUR RIGHT HAND. I MIGHT TOUCH YOUR SCARS!” I think in my zeal to convince him to be gentle with me (He usually body slams me upon sight which is endearing, but still) by showing him my scars, he has determined that the whole side is rotten. Oh, well. I suppose it’s progress. We waited in line today at Schnuck’s Pharmacy for far, far too long. Devlin asked the one cashier trying to assist the nine customer thick line one too many times what was taking so long. It’s cool when your children do your dirty work for you. The cashier raised her voice at Dev upon his third entreaty. I admonished her that, “My son isn’t trying to be rude. He has autism.” She grumbled something under her breath. I’m using Schnuck’s against my will because Express Scripts (my provider) and Walgreens parted ways by virtue of a contract dispute. There is no way Schnuck’s is going to win a loyal customer base with their service or attitude. Someone please start a new pharmacy near my house.

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