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Now: Post Lumpectomy Surgery Thoughts

Post Lumpectomy Surgery Thoughts

My right arm is developing a new kind of pain that seems unfairly related to my boobs. To me, the boobs are firmly on the torso continent and the arms are more like New Zealand, which is not a continent at all. I guess cancer is like a tsunami that can affect different regions of the world that don’t seem related.
Surgeon advises the pain and swelling are perfectly normal and will subside but I neglected to ask her whether this was a problem that would last days, weeks, months or what. The kids are hard to fend off with one arm, but at least I have a hand attached to the arm. (Gosh I’m an upbeat lady!)

More Post Lumpectomy Surgery Thoughts: Enemies

I’m developing a list of new enemies: pull over shirts, objects in tall cabinets that I want, children running out of my clasp and mornings. In fairness, I’ve always considered mornings as my enemy. I don’t like getting up no matter what time it is. In fact, I get even more annoyed when I sleep late, or sleep in. What’s a girl to do? Everyone has been bending over backwards (that seems like it would hurt too, given the current state of affairs) to help and check in on me. Sometimes I don’t know what I need until I need it, if that makes any sense.
Kevin is learning to fly with a private flight school and has been in Florida since the morning after my surgery, November 29th. He returns in a week on December 15th. Poor guy-he’s missing all the fun!
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  1. Anonymous

    That’s not right that you have to be up at 5 am for work! The pain is surgery-related. I’m still swollen and achey. They tell me it will go away.


  2. ev

    Is the pain surgery related- where they did it do the muscles and nerves radiate from there down the arm? Ouch. Either way. And it’s hard to explain to kids why mommy wants to now be left handed. I hope they gave you some more painkillers?? Cause you can never have too many.

    And I am not a morning person either but have to be up at 5am for work. Ugh.

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