Autism Obsessions: They’re Gr-r-eat!

Autism Obsessions: They’re Not Just For Breakfast

Those of you with children under the age of four think you know what it’s like to have a child torment you with inane and incessant information and questions. Multiply this times ten for a child On The Autism Spectrum. They can be like a dog with a rabbit in their mouth if talking about their favorite subject. The subject du-jour at my house lately has been Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Devlin is OBSESSED with them. It will likely be the first thing he leads with if you visit my house. You may recall that Devlin likes PAIRS of things. Two’s of things that are alike but slightly different. Sort of like he and his twin sister, Blair. He likes to point out the differences with pairs of things.Going to the grocery store with him is like a Two’s casino with winning slot machines disgorging Pair bounty down every aisle. So it was that we found ourselves in the dreaded cereal aisle. Cereal as far as the eye can see. It was here that we first encountered Tony the Tiger.

  • One Frosted Flakes box is a good source of FIBER! The other is a good source of VITAMIN D! 
  • One has strawberries floating in the cereal bowl- the other has bobbing blueberries. 
  • Tony is holding up his thumb on one box but not the other. 
  • One box has Reduced Sugar. The other, gasp, DOESN’T! 
  • One box has a green swath at the top and the other box has blue. 
  • One box says “frosted flakes OF CORN”. The other, mysteriously silent on the flake type. 
(It will not surprise you that in researching frosted flakes for my post, Frosted flakes used to advertise itself as “Sugar frosted flakes”.)
  • One box has a milk fountain going into the bowl. The other, gasp, DOESN’T. 
  • One Tony the Tiger has more stripes than the other one. Let’s count the stripes together. 
  • How many blueberries are in the bowl? How many strawberries? 
  • One Tony has a knot on his bandanna. The other Tony doesn’t. 

And then my arsehole husband had tell Devlin that TONY THE TIGER IS DEAD. His voice, at least. Thank God Tony died of natural causes and wasn’t found in a Las Vegas Hotel room with pills and hookers. See! One hooker is wearing green hot pants. The other hooker is wearing a skirt…

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  1. ev

    I like your son. He has good taste. Frosted Flakes are my cereal of choice. In fact, with hubby in the hospital, me working late, they are also my dinner of choice.

    I need a new box.

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