Convenience Store Finds

Special Convenience Store Finds

I snapped a photo of this gem in a convenience store in southwest Missouri on some of my recent travels. That’s right, it’s an inflatable chair with a built in beer cooler storage area in the seat. Bootie storage. Or a rubber urinal. Hard to say. Both would be so so handy. See the built in dual cup holders? I worry a little about the stability of the chair in use by a lazy intoxicated dude. It seems like it would be like a Weeble adventure.


Still, I’ve been wishing I could afford new living room furniture and admit I hadn’t considered a convenience store as my affordable furniture alternative. It’s a Coke Zero Inflatable Cooler Chair. I wondered what I could find to compliment my inflatable chair, if I won it, and I found many inflatable choices, intended for my living room. I’m mildly concerned about our new kitten in our newly-furnished inflatable living room, but I’ll cross that blow-up road when I get there.
A fabulous inflatable sofa couch with modern styling swoosh.
And built-in butt storage, for whatever moves you.
And my very own Coke Zero Joey Buttafuoco lounging pants.
This is going to be one hell of an awesome summer!


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