Blogging About My Cat

It Has Come To This: I’m Blogging About My Cat

What do you blog about when you don’t feel like blogging, the world seems like a place gone mad, and the curve balls all seem to be hitting you in the face? You blog about your CAT!  The Bloggess blogs about her cats on a regular basis. And you can too!
blogging about my cat
This is Willa, Blair and Katniss. I’m proud to have captured the kitty litter box in the picture frame because those sorts of things should be photographed for posterity. Also, I caught a good view of the crap on my refrigerator door. Nicely done.
So, as I was saying, Katniss is the most tolerant cat in the universe. Daughter Blair wears Katniss like a boa, carries her around the house like a furry purse, gives her unprompted baths in the bathtub, squeezes the bejesus out of her on a routine basis and generally won’t leave Katniss alone for more than a few minutes. Katniss, amazingly, takes all this attention in stride and lets Blair manhandle her. Can’t you see it in Blair’s eyes? Blair is a benevolent torturer, but a torturer nonetheless.
Thus, it is not surprising that the sweet dear needs an outlet for her pent-up kitty anxiety from being constantly loved on. This is where my poor couch comes into play. Katniss has shredded the shit out of the side of it. She has punctured holes in the vinyl backing on my kitchen chairs. She bats anything that isn’t battened down all over the house. Earrings left on the vanity. Paper clips. Plants. Stuffed animals. Paper. Ponytail holders. Medicine bottles. She scares us to death when she pounces on the keys to the piano. A friend suggested we get Soft Paws to reduce the destruction.
blogging about my cat
So we did. I ordered Soft Paws but kept them in the package for weeks because I was so intimidated to put them on the cat. It took two adults over the course of a couple of days to superglue these pink talon covers over Katniss’ lethal claws.
blogging about my cat
They seem to be staying on, though!
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  1. Jennifer McCoy

    I figured I’d see the pink talon covers all over the house in no time, but they have miraculously stayed on. They are kind of pricey, though. $28, I think. A lot less than a new couch, however.

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