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Feel Good Story

My first husband, Dave, had not only good taste in women, but also in acoustic guitars. He played them all the time. My children inherited his beautiful guitars after their father died in 2006. Rowan was four years old. I’ve been saving the guitars, of which there are three, hoping one or all of the children would learn to play. So far, my most musically curious child is eleven year old Rowan. She’s been playing the piano for three years and started flute this year. A few months ago Rowan asked if she could start learning how to play the guitar.There is an independent music shop in The Loop called Go Music STL that gives lessons. I dragged all three guitars, plus two others, to the shop to see which guitar would work best for Rowan. It was like walking fourteen dogs at the same time. The owner’s jaw dropped when he saw Dave’s collection of guitars: a 1998 Goodall, a 2002 Martin, and a 1990 Mossman (Texas Plains model). A proverbial guitar woody. After asking me if I would adopt him so he could play the guitars all the time, he had Rowan “try on” the guitars for size. Turns out that the Martin suited her frame the best.

Rowan starts lessons playing her father’s Martin guitar next Sunday. She is over the moon. I think Dave would have been pleased.

Guitar Feel Good Story
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