Everything Strikes Me As Funny in One Day

Strikes Me As Funny

I had one of those days recently where everywhere I went, things just struck me as funny. I found funny things in convenience stores, at Sam’s, in public restrooms. You know, places not necessarily known for their humorous surroundings. Proof you can find funny anywhere!
Like This: Impenetrable Wall of Beef Jerky at a convenience store at 7:35 a.m.
Too. Early. For. Un-chewable. Beef. Chunks.

I’m calling bullshit on this. I bet she doesn’t put Frank’s Red Hot on toaster waffles, or in her shoes. I don’t want to associate the elderly with being “red hot”. Is this supposed to be Frank’s grandmother or has Frank had sex reassignment surgery to look like a geriatric Florence Henderson? Either way, she looks really judgey holding that bottle of Red Hot. “Gregory, I told you to put that shit on everything! Pour the Red Hot in your iced tea right now!”

Look closer. It’s kinda funny. It’s mean to hang babies.
strikes me as funny
Basket of feminine products in a public bathroom. I didn’t feel like menstruating until you told me there was free stuff. Bill O’Reilly was right. Now that I’ve had a taste of free stuff and free sanitary napkins, I feel entitled to “things”.
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Help! Help! Let me out! I can’t find the Door!
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