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Family Vacation to San Francisco

Family Vacation to San Francisco: Shut Down! Denied! Piss Off!

My Great Aunt Exa’s dying wish before she departed this world was that I take my family to Alcatraz on World Animal Day 2013. In other words, take a family vacation to San Francisco. If it weren’t for the unfathomable immaturity and irresponsibility of the House of Representatives circle jerk in shutting down the government for their apparent delusional amusement, I could have fulfilled my dying Great Aunt’s deathbed request. Thank God she didn’t want me to get a passport right now or a gun permit. I can’t talk about the government shut-down for very long because my flash to bang point is instantaneous. Makes. Me. Insane.

The only thing that could melt my disbelief is how freakin’ BEAUTIFUL San Francisco is this week. Seriously, could there be a more gorgeous place? Unbelievable weather, my kids not acting the most ill-behaved in the room, my husband stepping up when I stepped in it (It’s true. I fell off my pedestal. Literally and figuratively), staying with the most gracious hosts in their hip apartment. A gaggle of dear friends from high school (and new friends) enjoying Supper Club with green fairy absinthe, lounging on beds served by solicitous waiters in drag. Contortionists during the dessert course. Pretty much a great vacation.

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