Get Your Vote On!

I am up at the ass-crack of dawn to fulfill my civic duty today. I volunteered to be a Legal Observer/Challenger in the General Election to be held today, the 6th of November, 2012. My efforts, along with about 500 lawyers in St. Louis, are to ensure that every eligible voter can cast a ballot that counts.

At the writing of this post, I have no idea how the day will unfold. This is my first rodeo as a Legal Challenger, so I’m girding my loins for whatever comes up. Issues that may arise could take the forms of a voter having difficulty registering, machine failure, disability access, non-English speaker issues, provisional ballots, student voting, excessive waiting, and voter intimidation or misinformation. I will be at my assigned north side precinct before the polls open and stay until they close. I’ll try to tweet anything of interest that happens, as well as humorous observations like if one of the Election officials takes more than her share of the muffins I bring.  Please follow me on Twitter to get all the breaking news.

I am very invested in the Election this year. Maybe I feel this way every year but keep forgetting. Happy Voting, America! 
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