Every Hour is Happy Hour in San Francisco

It’s true. Every Hour is Happy Hour in San Francisco

So sorry for the delay in posting! I thought I would have time to blog over the weekend while I was visiting my BFF’s in San Francisco. I didn’t realize they were going to hold me hostage for five days and force non-stop fun upon me. Well, I had an inkling that might happen, but I never imagined the fun and debauchery would be so relentless that I wouldn’t have an hour to myself to commune with my blog followers. They didn’t even ask for a ransom. I think my loved ones would have paid good money for my prompt return if only they knew the fate that befell me upon my arrival. Staying in Don & Kyle’s condo was like running through the poppy fields on the way to Oz. It was beautiful and makes you forget and get side-tracked from your goals. Except for the goal of fun, which was had by all!

happy hour in san francisco
They made me wear Katy Perry-wannabe wigs and drug me to happy hour in San Francisco, which is pretty much every hour. They made me drink mimosas and cocktails and tequila until my mind forgot about blogging. How could this be? How can a responsible blogger take off for a bit? Aren’t bloggers supposed to be insomniacs or merely introverted people who can use proper grammar? What is with this “life-having” that seems to be happening? Live up to your responsibilities and the expectations of other people, people!
happy hour in san francisco
No fun for you!
Yes, we are grown-up people.
Yes, we have lives.
Half of us have children.
Yes, we all have responsible jobs. I mean, most of us.
Of course, responsible jobs are sooooo over-rated.
Next post, some eye candy seen on the Streets of San Francisco.
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