only in san francisco

Only In San Francisco

Only in San Francisco: Naked Dudes

Some of you may have already seen some of these pics on my FB page, but if not, you’re welcome. Definitely some images you would only see in San Francisco.
only in san francisco
Some random naked weirdo guy wearing flip-flops, a purple jock-strap and a wool kitty hat. It was 58 degrees outside, so I understand that the hat would come in handy.
only in san francisco

Bad Tattoos

Some random dude’s seriously awful unicorn tattoo on his hip that he woke up with one night in Vegas. Of course he did.

More Naked Guys

only in san francisco
Did random naked weirdo guy #1 call this random naked weirdo guy so they could dress alike? Flip-flops, jockstrap and a hat. That must have been so embarrassing to learn you’d dressed alike.

Fattie the Drag Queen

This is Amy & I posing on the street with Drag Queen “Fattie”, who is wearing a petticoat as a top. It flowed quite nicely. Who knew wearing an undergarment skirt as a top could be so cool? Also, five inch tall heels.
only in san francisco
I’m not quite sure what to say about this guy on the streets. He looked like a hare krishna voo-doo nun.
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  1. ev

    I need to be more careful when I open blogs and am eating. Seriously.

    I wonder if the two guys in the jock straps know the guy who shows up at Dragon*Con every year and wears different costumes that include a jockstrap and matching body paint?

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