Home For The Holidays: Vegging Out

Home For the Holidays

We don’t watch movies as a family nearly often enough. Being home for the holidays provides the perfect opportunity. If the kids want to watch something, I usually use that time to pay bills, clean things or perform other glamorous domestic chores. It has only been recently that there are cross-over movies we can watch without sending the parents into an animated Barbie coma or torment the children into recurrent gangster murder nightmares. My father can watch cartoons with my kids for hours. I’m too high strung to sit still that long. Things to do! Dinners to make! Jobs to apply to! The blog isn’t going to write itself! (Digression here: Movie quote from last night: “Blogging isn’t writing! It’s graffiti with punctuation.” So true. So true.)

home for the holidays
We ate pizza at 5:00 p.m. and hunkered down as a family and watched E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. together. It was truly fun. Devlin managed to not talk through the whole thing and his face lit up every time E.T.’s rib cage did, which is to say, a lot! I cracked up seeing the Mother stuff all the kids in the front seat of their Chevy Cavalier Wagon. I watched with longing when she left five-year old Gertie at the house alone to go look for Elliott. It was also with awe that I watched the marauding bicycle gangs of kids with such free reign to explore the forest and the neighborhood. All things that would not happen in 2012. I’m not saying life was better then. I’m sure lots of kids got hurt riding in the front seats of cars and I am emotionally attached to my smart phone and am very happy with keyless entry to my car. It did seem like such a simpler time, when all you had to worry about was the government invading your home, quarantining everything in sight to set up a laboratory to study the alien you didn’t know was living in your children’s closet. Ahhhh, the good old days.
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  1. Anonymous

    Next up for you: Adventures in Babysitting. Who knew the guy from West Wing (NOT Rob Lowe!) was a teenage hottie? Or a sorta older guy playing a teenage hottie.


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