Proof Procrastination Never Works

Seriously, Procrastination Never Works

Please let me learn this lesson for you so you don’t have to repeat my silly mistakes. Procrastination is not usually one of my vices. I think everyone procrastinates doing things they don’t want to do on occasion. You let the laundry pile up because it is evil and is never, ever completed. Besides, don’t we have servants to do this stuff for us anyway? Oh, the servant would be me, and apparently I’m too busy and important to do laundry.

procrastination never works

You put off buying a new bra because bra shopping is depressing and evil and you never feel good about paying over $40 for a bra. Especially if you are a man. Moobs. That’s a whole other level of depressing. (I could not, in good conscience, add a Manboob photo to the Blog. I have standards, people.)

procrastination never works

So, back to what I avoided doing until it was too late. See, there is at least no super downside to avoiding buying a new bra. You just don’t have a new bra. When you procrastinate about things that are certain to culminate in a specific result, that’s just stupid. Case in point: you may recall that we adopted a kitten this year. You know what kittens do eventually unless they have an operation not to? Go into HEAT. Have you ever hung out with a cat in heat? It is LOUD! And it climbed our Christmas tree! And it does this every 3-4 hours, regardless of whether the whole household is asleep. Yes, I will take her in this week to have her spayed. That is unless she makes a successful break for the door and escapes in search of what is making her insane.

And the ridiculous part is that I knew Katniss would go into heat. I procrastinated. I was just hoping it would be later rather than sooner. Well, now sleeping is something I will get to do later as opposed to sooner.


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  1. ev

    Our three year old cat still isn’t spayed. And since I am sitting here, taking a break from putting the lights on the tree, she and Spike (our large cat) were playing in it. Until I turned the video sound on. Sounds just like ours. They stopped, came over and were trying to figure out where it came from.

    I’m saving the video. I’m also procrastinating a whole ton of stuff.

  2. Veronica

    OMG! My son wants to know if that’s really a cat making that noise or a baby!? Too funny. I told him that they’re both sort of related and he just looked at me kind of funny. I hate doing laundry too. And w my son sick all week throwing up I’ve been doing more loads than usual…The bra thing? I actually don’t mind it. Check out the Hanky Panky brand at Nordstrom. Really pretty and sexy designs…you totally deserve it 🙂

  3. Sarah

    OMG…I remember putting one of our cats in a closet and stuffing a towel under the door to try and stop the screaming and get some sleep. Is there a statute of limitations on that with the ASPCA?

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