Dedication to My Hubby’s Vasectomy: Sugar Lumps

Ode to My Hubby’s Vasectomy

Now that the emotional wounds are well-healed and all has mostly returned to normal, I dedicate this post to my husband’s healthy balls. It’s not everyone’s husband who would be such a good sport about his wife blogging about his balls. Thanks, sweetie, for your indefatigable support.
Sweetie- you have brought love and light into my heart again, you have shown me what having a soul mate truly means. You help me wrestle my demons. You are my sunshine and moon shadow, my yin and yang, my heart and soul…I love you eternally and without reservation. Thank you, I am honored with your love. And your balls. If someone asked me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder, hold you close to me and answer with a smile, “Like this.” You complete me. You light up my life. And I’m not even Well, maybe slightly. Okay, maybe like a fourteen year old girl. It’s rainy today. I think I’ll curl up with a copy of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and look at photo books of kittens.
This short-distance dedication goes out to all you lovers of balls out there. To anyone who’s been in love. To anyone who knows anyone who’s been in love. For those wanting to be in love but not able to find love on account of that boating accident. This Bud’s for you…
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  1. Anonymous

    I too am a sugar lump fan, although of the less specific kind than your one true love.
    It’s so funny you included this video. The other night I was watching youtube videos with my 11 year old (Max) and told him we should watch The Flight of the Concords because they’re SO funny. “How bad can they be?” I thought. We searched and the first one that come on was this one. We were both embarrassed. I really need to learn to screen first.

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