When You Have to Make Tough Choices in Life

Tough Choices in Life

Like you, I’ve had to make some tough choices in my life. What floral dress to wear to a funeral. Whether to buy crunchy or smooth peanut butter at the grocery store. Making pacts with God to help me make the right highway exit choice when I want a clean gas station bathroom. So it was that I ended up with the Sophie’s Choice of bathroom decisions on Saturday night.
Kevin and I visited a friend at her fabulous newish home. Let’s call the friend “Amy”. After a while, I excused myself to use “Amy’s” restroom. (I like to mark my territory whenever I go out.) It was foolish, I know, not to check the toilet paper situation before I sat down, but I didn’t look. And before you ask, it was thankfully Number 1. ANYWAY, after I finished with my business, I was horrified that the only things in the bathroom which I could use to wipe were these two items:

tough choices in life
I know. There was not even a floor mat in the bathroom. A flaccid yellow balloon or an empty toilet roll holder. Neither one very absorbent. Neither one plumbing-friendly. Neither one very hygienic. Both prideful with other purposes. No clowns in the restroom to make balloon animals so I could wipe with a dachshund. Sad, sad yellow balloon. At least it was the right color. What do you do when faced with the Dumb and Dumber of choices? I guess you ditch Newt and go with Mitt. I, on the other hand, decided to just air dry.

P.S. I just realized I wrote back-to-back bathroom posts. Not sure what that means, but it seems important.

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  1. Anonymous

    Just one more really good use for those battery-powered, soft-bladed, hand-held fans that sometimes have a water bottle attached. You know the ones. Those are a keeper and a great house warming gift for Amy!!!

  2. ev

    My dachshunds are always more than happy to offer their services- I haven’t gone to the bathroom alone since we got one. but I have never taken them up on it either.

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