having a bad day

I Am Not Having A Bad Day

I’m having one of those days, but I’m not going to call it a bad day.

You know the day. The kind where whatever I touch turns to shit. I’ve been in a snit for the last two days because my house appliances are staging a mutiny, my electronics are giving me the finger, my new blogsite is proving technologically elusive, and mostly, I’m simply an idiot. I awoke today to my dishwasher motor screaming bloody murder, blinking on and off (I didn’t know dishwashers could make that much of a ruckus). It never ends well when I just start violently pushing buttons on the machine so I just stared at it. I finally had to turn the breaker off to silence the son of a bitch. The repair people won’t be able to take a look until Thursday.

My cell phone won’t let me end calls for some reason and I have rebooted it three times today. I can’t figure out how to export my contacts into a meaningful list. My new printer/scanner stopped printing and the ink ran out, neither of which I knew how to fix. (I did finally figure those out). The stapler got jammed and it took me insanely long to locate replacement staples. Working in Yahoo contacts made me homicidal waiting on contacts to save and delete. I laid down on the office floor and listened to Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah“, which is almost 7 minutes long, to slow my breathing but all it really did was cause my eyeballs to fuzz up and fail to adjust to reading on my computer for the next ten minutes. I’m complaining about lost productivity and shit that frustrates me in increments of minutes. Do you see anything wrong here? Bad day, whaaaaa.

I have nothing to complain about. I am not having a bad day. A bad day is when you watch your neighborhood get leveled by a massive 2 mile wide tornado. A bad day is having your loved one die from gun violence. That’s not to say that experiencing a tragedy is the only legitimate way to have a bad day, but it should be. Am I the only one who has spent hours analyzing whether someone really gave me a dirty look or doesn’t like me and being generally bummed about it for the better part of a day? What a big, fat, whiney baby I am!
Do terrible things happen to remind us of greater humanity? Is it because none of us can live outside our own personal existence and can only focus on what’s going on right now?
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