SW Road Trip Adventures- Day 8

Road Trip Adventures Almost Over

The road trip adventure continues today. Santa Fe, NM to Grand Lake, OK. Yes, our vacation is lasting forever, but the kids picked up four new state notches on their belts: New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. I mean, not like I’m obsessing about how many states we travel to or anything. Random observation: I’m down with pairing things: cracker and barrel, bait and tackle, fireworks and supercenter, but leather purses and steer horns? Why do those go together? I mean other than they both come from bovines? And why do I need to buy them? OMG are we home yet?

family road trip

We are having a family debate about whether the hay rolls in the fields are dinosaur droppings, as my illiterate husband advocates, or whether they are large jack-a-lope poop pellets, as I know them to be. Since when did dinosaurs shit so tidy? Still messing with Devlin about unicorns. He squeals every time anyone in the car mentions them, which is about every quarter of an hour. You can tell our repertoire of car games to pass the time is waning in the last stretch of the trip. In the wake, we have created Bufficorns, Unicows, Goaticorns, and Horsicows. Full-stop to St. Louis tomorrow!


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