taking kids to all 50 states

Surviving a family road trip – The real story

Hands to yourself! Feet to yourself! Nicer! Inside voice! Keep your mouth shut when you eat! Stand up- don’t lay on the bathroom floor! Walk! Parking lot hands! Stop! Eat over your plate! Don’t touch anything u don’t have to in the restroom! Pay attention! Watch where u r going! Don’t eat food off the sidewalk! Get your hand out of the ashtray! Remember to wash your hands! Stay! Don’t touch the trashcan lid! Do we need to amputate? Don’t pick then eat your buggers! Be quiet! No! Please! What?! Who said that was a good idea? Don’t lick that! Don’t touch! Seriously?! Are you bleeding? Bandaids don’t work on bruises! Be positive! You liked it yesterday! Let me finish my sentence! I’m bored too! We will b there when we get there! You want to drive, then? I don’t know- i’d just have to look for it! I have no idea! I still don’t know! Repeating the same question doesn’t help me understand any better! Stop that! Ouch! Next one to throw anything at my head while I’m driving is gonna lose a limb! Keep your tongue to yourself! The next one who spits on anyone else doesn’t get dinner! I mean it! Sh*t! F*ck!
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