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East Coast Family Road Trip: Day 4

Niagra Falls, NY to Woodstock, VT
Thank you, Tom Petty, for writing the perfect tune, “Wreck Me”, which was the ideal song to blast at decibel 10 as I re-enacted a retro child rearing technique: radio volume parenting. For those times when you just don’t have any more ideas on how to get your children to quit screaming at each other. Drown out the bastards out until you can hear yourself think again. They have devolved into aggressively snorting at each other. I pulled over to the shoulder of the HW to regroup directions and didn’t notice the HW patrolman who pulled up behind me. It’s really not advisable to joke with these guys. He asked me if everything was ok and I nervously responded, “No problem, Officer. Just trying to settle a domestic dispute.” He looked at me quizzically until I motioned to the back seat and said lamely, “between my children!”We drove through  the state of NY all day and I noticed a disturbing and unexpected theme. A pissing Calvin pissing on PETA, a pissing Calvin pissing on Gun Haters, a car with ten inch letters proclaiming, “God, Guns and Country”. In that order. Devlin and I had a philosophical discussion which started with his question, “When we get old, do we get dead?” It culminated with his promise that, “When I get to heaven I will say Hi Mom!”.Woodstock,VT is a very pretty small town nestled in the mountains that I envision as a bustling ski village in the winter. Beautiful weather and environs. Beach tomorrow.

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  1. ev

    Not sure the other comment got thru- but if you took Rt 7 up to VT, you drove right by my house!! As for the bumper stickers and Calvins- NYC is very liberal, the rest of us, very Redneck. At least he didn’t notice the proliferation of gel ball sacks hanging from the back of truck trailer hitches. Those are even beyond my redneck sense of humor. I can just imagine the conversation then.

    And was it a VT cop or NY cop that stopped??

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