road trip to niagra falls

East Coast Family Road Trip: Day: Day 3 Niagara Falls

Detroit, MI to Niagara Falls, NY via CA
Took the brood to Canada today, bitches! I was mildly concerned about crossing the border because I didn’t have passports for the monkeys. I was able to sweet talk my way through Customs with their birth certificates. Do not wait to play the ABC game for when you are among the maple leaves. The Canadian people are not nearly so free flowing with their billboards or bumper stickers. They are just too nice to be pushy or put their opinions on display. And they were kind in traffic. Love me some Canadians. I have missed having adults around so we could snicker about things like calling our destination Viagara Falls or smirking at the Canada Erectors sign. Was really glad to experience the Canadian side of Niagara Falls because the views were amazing, but then hotel on the sleepier New York side. No desire to spend any more time than necessary so close to so many themed chain restaurants or tightly-clad tourists. Grateful that Canadian convenience stores don’t stock chex mix! It can take me upwards of 10 minutes to extract Devlin from the chip aisle some stops.
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  1. ev

    Wave as you pass Albany on the thruway. I have to work til 8. Also, be prepared for construction delays between Exit 24 and 23. Don’t go over 73, the troopers will pull you over- out of state plates, may want to keep it at 70. Keep an eye on the rest stop signs- they can be far apart, so stop if you need to!! Wish I was able to come find you!

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