St. Patrick's day snake bread

Family Road Trip of the South-Day 3

 Florida almost all day. Longest car time today. Felt guilty kids wasting minds on Apple products. Note to self: c if yuppies have any organic educational car pottery kits to expand young minds on the road. Highest Mustang to idiot ratio in USA n Fla. Spring break upped the ante. One motorist had slogan across their RV: I gots ramblin’ on my mind. Savannah, Georgia for night. Suggestion: don’t go anywhere they celebrate St. Pats, the day after. Went to NOLA on business day after Fat Tuesday once n was traumatized. I think half the people we saw on riverfront area still drunk from last night. Half still wearing green. Most smoking gerts or cigars. Even smelled cloves! Spectacular people watching. No clothing off limits n name of comfort. Fuzzy house slippers- sure. Pajama jeans- of course. Ill-fitting- absolutely. Bathing- over-rated. Cleavage- it’s like being rich- u can never have enough. Booties n spandex- it’s like cheese n grits, which I’ve eaten 2 nites n a row (the grits, not spandex). Staggering amounts of fried food. Only thing that doesn’t come fried are the beverages. Introduced kids to beignets. So worth the 14,000 sit-ups needed to negate them.


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