Peabody Hotel ballroom Memphis, TN

Family Road Trip of the South-Day 2

Rough start to morning. Peabody hotel has impossible maze of stairs, elevators, walkways n skywalks btwn hotel n garage. Kids assholes about who got to push all the buttons, dropped their suitcases at every flooring transition, walked n2 every elevator w/ roller bag n stopped n doorway. Teaching kids invaluable stress coping skills when card would not work so trapped in garage, repacked 4 bags of luggage 2x for lost item that was sitting at my feet. Finally got outta bad mood w/ “Gypsy” by Stevie Nicks~ lightening strikes, maybe once, maybe twice.

Proud parent moment came when Blair, after I dressed us all n our luck ‘o the Irish green, went up to stranger n lobby, pinched man and ran like hell. Hours of fun driving thru Mississippi asking inane Q’s to iPhone Siri. Only thing more plentiful than flea mkts were mobile homes. Kept kids n check all day by promise of beach when got to Mobile, Alabama. Didn’t pay attn, assumed it was near enough to Gulf of Mexico that we’d hv to find sea. Not so much. Unless riverfront industrial area counts, n trust me, it does not. Sleepy town, but it’s St Pats, so maurading droves of white southerners roaming streets in threes. Ro clinging to me n Bourbon Street-like downtown area. I was kind, but how scary can drunk 35 yr olds n green haulter tops n platinum bump-its really be? Dinner at local oyster bar. Food good but floor felt n looked like covered w/ oysters. Purposely sat w/ back to kitchen or wldn’t hv been able to eat.

P.S. packed scotch n bubble wrap! Scotch falling off hotel cart once, shame on you. Scotch falling off hotel cart twice, shame on me!



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