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Bonus post from Family Road Trip – Zombie Mannequins

I’ve been holding out on you with respect to retailing you of our adventures in family road tripping. Behold these zombie mannequins with you that we saw in a very sad storefront in Savannah, Georgia. It was pretty wild there for St. Pat’s Day celebration, but I think these zombies pre-dated the raucous revelry. In addition to their fashion-forward double knit poly-blend fabric attire, sprung straight from 1978, every one of these sad souls was missing some important body part. The poor bald albino boy with scrapes all over his noggin actually looked better than the armless boy next to him with a band-aid on his cheek.
The lady on the right looked like a one-armed burn victim and neither of these sexy ladies had digits. I imagine some rogue shark attack or unfortunate accident with Fourth of July explosives.
This poor boy was born without any arms, but fared better than the men to either side of him who had no heads. The belt was a nice touch, but a little insensitive to his compatriots who had no legs. Of course the armless boy had no feet either as well as a raging case of mange on his faux hair.
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