Learning To Ride a Bike

When your child has a hard time learning to ride a bike

This is the first year my son Devlin has been old enough to attend MO-FEAT’s Lose the Training Wheels Bicycle Camp. MO-FEAT stands for Missouri Families for the Effective Autism Treatment. It kicks ass. A dozen families and their Special Needs Kid met in a high school gymnasium seventy-five minutes each day this week in hopes that their children would finally be able to learn how to do what lots of kids take for granted: learning to ride a bike. It was quite exciting to watch how they do it. The kids rolled around the gym on progressively more difficult specially-fitted wheeled bikes with spotters running after them until the kids developed enough confidence and body consciousness to fly on their own.
Then the kids graduated to the school parking lot to perfect their turns and agility. I couldn’t help think, “My special needs kid is kicking your special needs kid’s ASS!” which wasn’t true, but made me feel good nonetheless.

learning to ride a bike
Look at this smile! All the children increased their bike skills and most learned to ride without training wheels, including Devlin. He kicks ass!
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