When a Liberal Feminist Shoots Guns

Newsflash: Liberal Feminist Shoots Guns!

In some respects, going to a shooting range was exactly what I thought it would be. Dodge Ram trucks and Ford pick-ups in masculine colors lining the parking lot in which there were few open spots. Demonstrably male, palpably macho, undeniably white. Louis C.K. does a hilarious stand-up bit about there not being a varied group of people who, for instance, stand in line at the airport to get a Cinnabon. “There are not all kinds of folks… Just dudes like me or fatter.”A few things did mystify me, however. Spent shells all over the floor like discarded peanut shells in a karaoke bar. Folks from all age groups. Young, college-aged boys and girls home for the holidays with serious demeanors and tight “Juicy” pants. Old, amiable coots. Disturbingly young children watching who weren’t tall enough to see over the counter to watch Uncle Jimmy shoot the targets. And it was as packed as Wal-mart on payday. You have to join the Firing Range & Training Center before you can shoot lethal weapons, so now I have an Associate Membership to Ultimate Defense to slip next to my PADI license in my wallet I will also likely never use again. I debated whether to put on lipstick and smile like I would for my driver’s license photo. You might as well smile, right? And lipstick can never be a bad thing.

Liberal Feminist Shoots Guns

I aimed for the head, pretending I was killing Zombies. Only you had to buy the special Zombie Target if you wanted to really pretend you were killing Zombies. Otherwise, you were pretty much aiming at a person. It begs the question of why firing ranges don’t have targets of animals, if what many people claim they want a firearm for is to hunt?
Liberal Feminist Shoots Guns

Really? The female zombie has to be hot? And show her zombie nipple? I shot a few rounds from a .22 revolver and several rounds from a .38 revolver. The Range Monitor dude scolded me for shooting the .38 too fast and shooting up the ceiling. Whoopsies. “Dude, it’s my first ray gun!” I swear I can’t go anywhere without being scolded. Getting a complex. Then I shot with a semi-automatic Glock 40. Twice. It scared the crap out of me. It also made me a little sick at my stomach.

Liberal Feminist Shoots Guns
Eddie Eagle? Really? For Ages 6 and up. I wonder if they have birthday party facilities?
Liberal Feminist Shoots Guns
Some of the Questions I answered (truthfully) before I was allowed to shoot. Do you think anyone answers the question, “Are you a fugitive from justice?” with a “yes” response? The first question was “Do you have any firearms experience?” to which I responded, “No.” I was with someone who knew how to shoot, but that didn’t seem to matter. A more important question would have been, “Can you rock the shit out of these blinged-out headphones for the ultimate ear protection?”
(See bottom right of photo below).

It felt a little odd not having exercised my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms before now. I mean, I gave the 26th Amendment hell immediately after I turned eighteen and voted in my first election. I’m a big fan, huge, of the 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments. I heard a lot about the 5th Amendment of due process and double jeopardy as a law school student.  I simply adore the 1st Amendment. You have to admit following the advent of The Arab Spring you love the shit out of the 1st Amendment even more now.

Let’s not forget the ladies, gentlemen. Who wouldn’t be caught toting this precious pink gun bag?
When I traveled through Spain, I insisted on seeing a bullfight. Hearing stories of how brutal they were, how unsporting and blood-thirsty, I wanted to see for myself. We stayed as long as it took me to finish my cerveza on a swelteringly hot afternoon in Serville. I can now say with authority that I do not understand or enjoy blood sports. Or shooting guns.
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  1. recognizablepublicfigure

    My goodness. How did I miss this one? Are you serious about shooting up the ceiling? That’s funny! I guess someone didn’t tell you not to jerk the trigger. LOL

  2. ev

    I love to shoot. Used to do it competitively in the guard until they changed weapons and went to combat mode. Some people like Ball games our hockey. I find shooting very relaxing. Next to golf, its the one sport i find relaxing and the only one i have ever had any interest our talent in. I’m glad to see that they have safety courses for kids. If they are going to be around them, learn the rules now, not after they do something stupid. Add for the spent shells on the ground, some places you police up your bess and either take it with you or dunno out in a barrel, others they do our and keep it. It gets sold for weight. Brass is expensive. We used to load our own.

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