I said, YES to Everything! Not Reading Permission Slips

Transcribed voicemail message I received this morning:

“Mrs. McCoy this is Rowan’s band director and I’m looking at the permission slip you signed this morning for Rowan to go to Six Flags with the band, and, uh, I need some clarification. You have all three boxes here checked off.
The first box says that you’ve attached $43 for the ticket so Rowan can go to the park after the band performs. Except there’s no money attached.
The second box you checked says that Rowan already has a season pass to Six Flags so she doesn’t need a ticket. That’s checked off.
And then the third box you checked says she’s not going to be staying at the park so she doesn’t need a ticket.
So, the thing is we have to figure out whether we need to get her a ticket or not. So, one thing says we’re gonna need a ticket. And the next thing says we don’t need a ticket. And the third thing says she’s already got a pass. So, so two out of the things say we don’t need you to get a ticket but the third thing sounds like you do need a ticket.
So, if you could give me a call back, I’d really appreciate it just because we have to get these tickets ordered, like yesterday. Can you give me a call in the band office? If you could give us a call today, that’d be really great.”
Note to self: Stop signing permission slips you haven’t read and stop counting on your tweener to fill it out correctly. She will out you to her teachers that you are a total buffoon.
I give myself permission to be an idiot.