Visiting Savannah, GA

Preparing for Family Road Trip of the South

It’s that time again. The family road trip of the south. Lessons in Masochism: Pre-Road Trip warning. Well, I obviously didn’t learn my lesson last summer. It has been 8 months since I have been out of Missouri, which strikes me as slightly pathetic. In my defense, I was a fixture at the hospital for a while. But no longer! The McCoys are going mobile for spring break! Lapping up some of that $3.75 gasoline! Some of you may recall, with the thrill of watching a train wreck, that I took the Three Amigos on The Biggest Ball of Twine Road Trip (of the central mid-west) for nine days in June, covering nine states and 3500 miles. (see first nine blog posts.) We are only taking a six day trip this time, covering a mere eight states and 2200 measly miles. I will be blogging from the road (not literally – probably from our different nightly hotel).
preparing for family road trip
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