Radiation Oncology: The Full Monty

Radiology Oncology appointment this week. We’re gonna go for the full monty (different context than Devlin’s full monty in the park over the weekend). Full monty only in the sense that I’ll have six weeks of treatment as opposed to one. I had an opportunity to undergo a shorter, more directed course of radiation to the sight of the tumor. I opted for the more tested protocol in which they will zap the whole breast five times a week for six weeks. Same risks involving potential scarring to my lungs, less chance of a later rib fracture, same toxicity, fibrosis of normal tissue and skin reactions. Fatigue. The cancer was considerate for developing on my right side because now we don’t have to worry about cardiac effects since my heart is on the other side.
radiation oncology
I go in tomorrow for a radiation simulation. I’m envisioning something like Dave & Busters but perhaps not. Radiation will start after the holidays in January.I am so proud to have rendered my friends so politically correct that they are like deers in the headlight when I talk about something related to cancer. I will go off on some rant about something or another, my friends will wait patiently, pause for 3-5 seconds and then say, “I’m sorry you have cancer.” It’s hilarious! I’m trying to teach them to say, “Honey Badger don’t give a f*ck.” instead.
More work ahead. I love you all!
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