honey badger

Theme for the Day

Do you ever live theme days? Like a certain obscure something is mentioned twice, and you’re like, how can  “cherub”come up in completely unrelated conversations three times during one afternoon? Or when you hear “Billy, Don’t Be A Hero” twice within the same twelve hours. Recently, the theme that emerged that day was opossum. The friendly guy in the […]


Radiation Oncology: The Full Monty

Radiology Oncology appointment this week. We’re gonna go for the full monty (different context than Devlin’s full monty in the park over the weekend). Full monty only in the sense that I’ll have six weeks of treatment as opposed to one. I had an opportunity to undergo a shorter, more directed course of radiation to […]


Cancer: Thoughts About Mortality

Thoughts About Mortality: First phone call after cancer diagnosis Before I confided in my husband, before I told a single soul, the first way I processed the news was to send an email to my estate attorney. I was obsessed with thoughts about mortality. I didn’t tell him I caught cancer but I did request that […]