Eve Before Radiation Treatment

Luxury: Eve Before Radiation Treatment

I spent a delightful hour on the stair stepper this morning with all the other resolutionaries except that the guy next to me could not go more than twenty seconds without staring at the blue lines below my clavicle (handy word, that). I thought he might injure himself he was so pre-occupied with my bust. I kept thinking mean sophomoric and stupid things to growl at him like, “Why don’t you take a picture! It’ll last longer!”When I got home, we literally rolled up the rugs to expose the wood floors of the hundred year old house in which we live and watched the kids whizz around in their recently unboxed and unscuffed roller blades. A few baseboards and corners were deprived of their leaded paint but that’s what touch-up brushes are for. I then spent an unprecedented several hours pouring over the Pitchfork year-end Best Of 2011 album and song lists to annihilate an embarrassing sum burning a hole in my virtual pocket from stocking stuffed itunes gift cards. I devoured about  twenty new songs and a few albums. My long-time friends will recall my 1990’s passion for making year-end cassette tapes of my favorite music from that year and giving them as Christmas presents. There was not much thought put into the song lists other than stuff I liked, but I spiced up the tapes with comedy clips I recorded on VCR tapes from comedy specials featuring folks like Sam Kinison (“I don’t worry about terrorism. I was married for two years.”) and David Cross (“I have a few business ideas that I’m going to advertise in High Times, amongst other places, and one of them is a service in which I offer to eat and describe pork to kosher people.“). I remember sitting in front of the television with my tape-to-tape boom box for hours making those tapes and then mass producing a dozen copies to distribute. Ahh, the joys of unlimited time before children entered the landscape. I still make play lists (recall my newly minted “Cancer Protest Music”) but it is a shitload easier now! It was decidedly self-indulgent day. A nice eve to the beginning of radiation treatments tomorrow.
eve before radiation
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