A child can make your morning sweet

As an addendum to not liking the morning, there are some mornings I cherish. Proof that life is sweet. This morning started with Devlin offering me a two inch hard pink plastic hippo and its exact blue plastic hippo companion. For some reason he stuffed the hippos into the armpit of my tank top where they resided for the next half hour. On the non-rotten side of my body, of course. Next, he offered to get in my bed with me. He nestled into place and stuffed his purple blanket under my chin. There are moments that transcend time. Drinking in the sweet scent of Dev’s beautiful hair. Feeling the nape of his neck.

A child can make your morning sweet

Watching his incurable smile as he touches his forehead to my forehead. I even liked his stale breath and his incessant questions this morning. This is why they (the childrens) need to go away on occasion. Leaving me to slumber, Devlin asked if I would wake him up when I was ready to get up. I declined to point out the oddity of waking an awake person but assured him I would.

Nothing fancy this year for New Year’s celebration. We don’t usually do it up but we do like to get out and celebrate with friends. We opted for quiet this year. My husband found the perfect movie for us to watch to really get us in the right mood to tackle 2012. I am not making this shit up. The movie was called Changing Hearts. Let’s just stop there. First, any movie with the word “heart” in it is suspect from the git-go. My skin is already crawling with visions of fluffy kitties and fields of daisies.

Morning turns to night

Second, if the movie title makes me think of organ transplants, that’s also a problem. The movie description: Two women with breast cancer spend their remaining time giving hope and cheer to the people around them while they prepare for death. We watched for two minutes before the horrible cheap wigs the actresses were wearing gave us vicarious chaffing. Preparing for death? How? By learning magic tricks? Now you see me, now you don’t! “Sometimes people have to disappear when they have cancer…”

Even if the movie was garbage, Devlin started the morning out perfectly. The movie actually gave me hope, though, that if a story line like that can make it to cinematic production on any level, perhaps there is a market for my stupid-ass quirky memoir in the coming year. What the f*ck is wrong with the world?!

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