Problem Solved: Scream At Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters Are Extremely Annoying I understand when my child turns up her nose at completely foreign food (foreign to her, that is.) I’d probably balk at someone serving me a fruit bat or some such. Even if it was covered in chocolate. I have standards, people. I even empathize with the little fussy punks. I […]


Surviving Middle School: a Parent’s Guide

Surviving Middle School I think I would have flunked Middle School if I were going through it now. These 6th Grade Teachers are INTENSE! The emails they send, the hours of homework they assign, the sheer number of details the tweeners are expected to remember is both awesome and daunting. I genuinely cannot read their […]


Diving Into Orthodonture

Up Next: Orthodonture I broke Rowan out of school this week to take her to her first orthodontist appointment. I can’t think of the orthodontist without thinking about Raising Arizona. Meddling friend Dot to aspiring mother Edwina McDunnough: “He’s gotta have his dip-tet, honey. You started his bank accounts yet?” “Have we done that? We gotta do […]