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Teaching Children New Words- Mind Your Merkin

So, I’m not in the mood to blog today so I’ll talk about other people’s blogs, which I have been researching of late. Wow! That almost sounded like I was employed for a minute. I’m sure it would not surprise you to know that people blog about ANY and EVERYTHING. One of the more interesting blogs I found was one devoted to merkins. Stephanie didn’t know what a merkin was either. I was proud to have added that word to my vocabulary at least a decade ago. I’m such a word whore, and so impressive. So, in case you were unaware, a merkin is a pubic wig. It’s important to have command of words such as this because you never know when conversation is going to gravitate towards merkins. It’s such an awesome word. Any word that rhymes with gherkin is a great word as far as I’m concerned. Merkin. Merkin. Merkin. I love teaching children new words. I haven’t educated the children on what a merkin is yet but I can just hear it now:

“Stop bothering me! You are such a MERKIN!”
“You are driving me MERKIN!”
“Meanie MERKIN!”
“Mom! Devlin won’t stop calling me a MERKIN!”
“Don’t go all MERKIN on me!”
“I’m smirkin’ at your MERKIN!”
“You jerk MERKIN!”
“Get your MERKIN workin!”
Yeah, I may hold off telling them about that word for a bit.
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  1. Jencoy

    Okay, so since inquring minds want to know, someone invented merkins for prostitutes to wear because they shaved their pubic hair to be more hygienic for their rotating clientele.

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