Cancer: Say Yes to Drugs

Yes to Drugs

Yes. Yes. Yes to Drugs. Everything went fine during my lumpectomy and I’m at home now resting comfortably. My bed is my sanctuary. We got to the hospital on time, just like we were supposed to. Nailed it. I changed into my hospital gown and I looked amazing. Well, as amazing as one can look in a hospital gown. Remembered to leave my valuables at home. I sat still when they told me to sit still. I opened my mouth on cue. I laid unconscious on the surgery table just the way I was expected. My boob did just what it was supposed to. I kicked that surgery suite’s ass. I laid there. Then I laid there some more. I woke up from the surgery confused and thirsty. I probably said embarrassing things about God knows what. What can I say? Some people just have natural skills when it comes to certain activities. I happen to do surgery awesome. I know. If it sounds like I’m bragging, I probably am. It’s okay to be jealous.
Oh, the surgeons and nursing staff. They were helpful too.

Yes to Drugs Again

Before I fall asleep again, I want to remind you that sometimes drugs are your friends. Communing with Percocet. Promise I’m resting!
yes to drugs
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  1. Emily Follman

    Enjoying your blog and thank you for keeping us updated on how you are doing. Big fan here of pain meds when necessary, hope you are back on your feet soon and with a clear plan in place to kick the butt outta cancer!! Hope to see you soon.

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