Discovery: Health & stigma

I don’t struggle with anxiety it actually comes very easy to me

Before we discuss stigma, let’s talk about discovery. In legal parlance, DISCOVERY is a pre-trial process. The parties to the lawsuit exchange documents, answer written questions (interrogatories) and get oral testimony (depositions) from each other. In other words, litigants seek evidence from each other before trial to investigate the facts each side alleged in court documents (pleadings).

With regard to health and stigma, DISCOVERY relates to unearthing the disparities built into the United State’s health care system. It is discovering and righting the dysfunction and inequity that keeps many Americans sick. How it shouldn’t be so fucking hard to get basic care. If someone like me who is a trained advocate has difficulty navigating the opaque system, folks with less than a law degree are fucked.

what ribbon colors does your house represent?

Sometimes I think my household is single-handedly trying to acquire as many ribbon color allegiances as possible. We like PURPLE because it’s the official color of epilepsy which is what my son has. PURPLE is also the color of ADHD, another diagnosis running rampant in our house. The autism multi-colored puzzle piece gets a lot of air time in House McCoy. I added PINK when I acquired breast cancer. If there is a ribbon color for cynicism or inappropriate language choice, I AM IN!! There are a lot of worthy causes out there, and some have better paid lobbyists. 

Social stigma takes many forms & nearly always sucks

One propagates stigma when they disapprove and label a person or group negatively based on perceivable social characteristics. Those differences distinguish differently abled people from society. Then, this serves as the basis of discrimination, prejudice, poor outcomes and death.

Girls don’t just simply decide to hate
their bodies, we teach them to.

I seek to reveal the stigma associated with differently abled people. Moreover, I am always learning and need help myself to be part of the solution, not the problem. Old habits die hard. Language is problematic. We can halt perpetuation of stigma through our words and actions. We need to lift up those living with mental health issues and special needs and the people who care for them.


Common stigmas include those related to gender, health, culture, and intelligence. The social stigmas I write about include living with or loving someone with mental health challenges. They include: autism, substance use disorder, anxiety, depression, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), personality disorders, and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

ADHD Brain

I’m also passionate about other stigmas related to ableism, body shaming, epilepsy, intellectual disabilities, and LGBTQIA issues.

I am a Hostile Witness to the barriers to treatment for mental, chronic, physical, and community health. Also, I used to write about cancer (fucking cancer) after I was diagnosed with the breast variety in 2012, but that seems like it happened to someone else. Still, I slip in posts about boobs on occasion because who doesn’t like boobs?

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