Dilemma: Which Line Will Move Faster?

Which Line Will Move Faster?

I once managed a lawsuit in North Carolina which necessitated me to be there dozens of times a year. I knew that I was overstaying my welcome in my home away from home when some citizen asked me for directions and I was able to direct him accurately on his way. So it has come to pass that I realize I have spent too much time at Barnes Jewish Hospital. I have devolved into the person on the elevator that can direct you to where you want to go when you are hopelessly in the wrong building or the elevators that don’t serve your desired floor.
which line will move faster
And another thing. The parking garage has a system whereby you prepay your parking fee to a machine before finding your car like you would buy a subway ticket. There are three machines, and there are always several folks in line when you walk up. The system is designed to bring out the worst in humanity, forcing you to make snap decisions based on pre-conceived stereotypes:

Which Line Will Move Faster?

Will the young goth mom know how to use the machine?But she’s in front of two extremely geriatric types. They could either know exactly how to use the machine because they’ve been here four thousand times or they want to pay the machine in pennies.Does having less than your allotted number of God-given teeth mean you are savvy with machines or hopeless?

Are the men better at figuring out the machines? Does a pair of overalls convey mechanical knowledge or mean they are simple?
Questions such as these plague me. But not for too much longer, bitches! Are you still going to love me when I stop blogging about cancer?
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  1. Andrea

    That you have retained your sense of humor sufficiently to wonder is a victory! The right line is all gratis. Good for you for being nearly to the end of this chapter!

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