Wonderful Pistachios Cyclists Sleeping in my Bed

Let’s Get Crackin’! Wonderful Pistachios Cyclists

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks. Lots of company. Activities out the wazoo. Perfect, (I like busy) but also stressful. And then we got a kitten. The kids asked, and I wanted to say Yes for a change.
wonderful pistachios cyclists
Internet, this is Katniss. Katniss, meet the Internet. How can the world be a shitty place when you have a kitten in your midst? IT CAN’T! Everyone should run out and get a kitten (responsible people, that is). It is not over-rated. Kittens are like Cowbell. We need more!
And then Life got even better. The Wonderful Pistachios Professional Cycling Team is sleeping in my bed this weekend! No, really. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be there for most of it, but it still makes for a good blog post. And I happen to ADORE pistachios. And I like them better by the handful. Even before they were going to sleep in my beds.
wonderful pistachios cyclists
My husband, a member of the local triathlon chapter sponsored by the Big Shark Bicycle Company, volunteered our house to shelter the entire Wonderful Nut cycle team who is in St. Louis for the Tour de Grove, sponsored by the MO Pro Bike Race. Nubile Cyclists and cuddly kittens (or is it the other way around? Fluffy cyclists and muscular kittens?) all sleeping at my house! Can it get much better than that?  I’m glad you asked. IT CAN! Here’s proof: Honey Badger Gets Crackin’.
My husband wants to ogle their bikes. Um, me too. Welcome to St. Louis and our humble abode, gentlemen! Happy racing!
wonderful pistachios cyclists
Headed to Oklahoma to stand with Sarah as her Best Mate for her wedding to Doug. It’s going to be a Wonderful couple of days. Get Crackin’!
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  1. ev

    Yeah, tell me again how much you want to oogle their, um, bikes.

    I have 3 cats already. another one and I think one of mine will smother me in my sleep.

    Have fun this weekend!!!!

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