I’m on crack and loving it

So I am in Laguna Beach, California staying at The Montage Resort as the date of my college friend, Ann. Current temperature is 72 degrees. I’ve already lost my iPad but found it again (left it with my brain on the chartered bus). Bloody Mary upon arrival. Unparalleled ocean view from our room with a balcony. I keep thinking that if I could just get away to some place quiet that I would be able to clear my head from all the cluttered thoughts of everyday life. Kids, health, financial security, relationships, aging parents, household, employment. I have advised Ann that this is our condensed Eat Pray Love girls trip on crack. World problems will be solved. Profitable Sitcom ideas invented. Ninja plans to rid ourselves of those last ten pounds will be hatched. We will find zen in our karma while we align our chakras. It all seems possible when I’m staying in an all expenses paid luxury resort. Not so much when I’m schlepping my kids around town praying for sundown. This is going to be awesome.

BTW, bridesmaid appearance # 14 was flawless last weekend. Also, Wonderful Pistachios pro cycling team was a great group to spend mother’s day with. They left us nuts and a sweet thank you card. Rowan was transfixed by Victor’s face tattoos. Unsure what to say about the tat “Mom- he has a tattoo of a lady shooting herself with a gun!” Well, sure. But Victor makes a wicked gumbo, honey. It’s all good.

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