2013 Will Be My Year

2013 Will Be My Year- Let’s Do This
I have a certain pre-nostalgia for the year 2013 because it has my favorite number in it. Is that stupid? Even if it is, I think it’s better to go into the year thinking it’s going to be a banner one instead of a ball breaker. I’m not always an optimist, but I really want to be! I can be an upbeat lady! Maybe 2013 WILL be my year. A girl can dream. You may recall my pre-occupation with the number 13. Remember all that superstition about having to put my clothes in Locker # 13 when going through radiation treatments? I got married (the first time) on Friday, the 13th. I will choose Aisle 13 at the grocery check-out if I have a choice, even if I’ve deduced the people in that line to be insufferable slow-asses and the checker a complete idiot. That is some serious dedication to the Number 13. So it is with eager anticipation that I welcome 2013 to the calendar. Who would I be if I didn’t even try?

2013 is my year
It’s on, bitches. 2013, you are my year. Suit up.
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