breast cancer silver lining

Breast Cancer Silver Lining: Boobs Get Attention

Breast Cancer Silver Lining

This is so awesome to get emails addressed to my boobs. Thank you, breast cancer. I didn’t realize what my boobs have been missing out on all this time. I usually have the opposite problem. With me, people frequently get bumfuzzled from looking at my eyes. For those of you who don’t know me (or were just looking at my boobs), I have one blue eye and one hazel. In the right light they can be quite jarring. So, as I was saying, people usually stop at my eyes and don’t give my boobs their proper due. Perhaps this is the breast cancer silver lining (I’ll be looking intently for the silver lining on this breast cancer deal). Finally, the boobs are getting the publicity they have been cruelly denied. Yea, boobs! I realize we live in a culture that worships boobs but I’ve never been one to consider my own having any mass appeal. Now I have a blog that is boob-centric. The world is a crazy place.

Dear Boobs

I started the blog before boobs became the big draw because I’ve written a book (sadly, not about my boobs). It’s a memoir. If I ever get it published, you will know far more about me than you ever wanted. Not that I’m not intensely fascinating, but perhaps more fascinating with the boobs. And I keep saying “boobs” when really it’s just the right one that has obviously been insecure and in need of attention. Could this be the right boob’s misplaced joke to get publicity? Is it mad at me for ignoring those opportunities you hear on the radio about entering wet t-shirt contests? Pissed I passed up opportunities to flash my rack in exchange for Mardi Gras beads? Doesn’t the right boob realize no one wants to see a 45 year old’s boobs in that capacity?

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  1. anniehall

    I cracked up reading about the recent attention to your “boobs” rather than your eyes. As you know, I’ve had to deal with that for some time… ever since about 17 when I FINALLY went from “flatty-Patty” to “Emerson” (’em are some big boobs!!). Be careful what you wish for, right???
    All the joking aside, I wanted to write and let you know I love your blog!!! More importantly, I love that you are doing this for yourself and by sharing of yourself, you are truly helping others. I am so proud of you for pushing through your fears and writing about all that’s happened in your life. I’m sure you’ll inspire so many people with shared experiences.
    I’m figuring out the post-Christmas trip to St. Louis, but I’d love to go up before then to, if nothing else, give you a careful hug!! You have all the strength, grace and support to sail through this latest “bump” in the road, Jen. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. I know this journey will forever change you and out of it, there will be blessings you might never have expected. I hope one of them will at least be a kick-a** Best-seller!!!!
    I’m forwarding on the blog and your story to all my friends and I know my girlfriends who’ve survived breast cancer (one just celebrated her 5 years of remission!!) in recent years will enjoy keeping up with your progress too!!

  2. Grandlakemom

    Well, I guess this is what we get for NOT wanting to call attention to our boobs!…unwanted attention to our boobs! “Crap!” (or a stronger word, really) is about all I can say about this whole, new development! I have been in “processing” mode about all this, myself, since your phone call last week. Not that it is about me in any sense, but I suppose it is about me in the fact that you are my dearest friend and that I want to be the kind of friend you need/want right now….act normal, talk about it, don’t talk about it, acknowledge a paradigm shift in our normal, almost daily rants? As much as I dont want to add anything to your plate, I want you to ask me for what you need….I’ll give you what I think, regardless, but I’m open to direction, desire and criticism! I’m not the best at witty, responsive prose, but that is a small fragment of why you are my friend…you fill that void void for me! :-). I just felt compelled to write what has been on my mind! I Love You! And, by the way, your BLOG ROCKS!!! 🙂 XO Diane

  3. Marney

    In the time I have been honored to know you, you have navigated the last year of issues and the continuing journey of the “Big A” with ascerbic wit and a grace many envy…including me. I know you will deal with this newest trek of “the Big C” in much the same fashion. Be well, my friend. And as always, I’m here if you need me…or even if you don’t.

  4. Anonymous

    Jen, coming from a person whose boobs got way too much attention, you really didn’t miss all that much. In trying to post, I chose anonymous not because I’m in stealth mode; rather, I didn’t like my other options since I don’t have a blog of my own… Mucho love from tejas, jane

  5. Diligent Joy

    Hi Jen,

    Congrats on the blog. I love you and your writings. I’m sorry you are on the cancer journey but knowing you as I do, you will arrive stronger, wiser and with the grace you desire. Even though we have not been in the same room for a while, I consider you a dear friend. Please feel free to contact me if you need an ear, arm, leg! Much love, Be well!! G

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