Exercise Clothes Without Exercise

We’ve all done it: You wear exercise clothes without exercise in your sights for the day.

Do you have days where you walk around as an impostor ALL DAY? A complete fraud. You represent yourself as a certain person, who has certain motivations, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. At least for that day. I feel like that when I wear exercise clothes but don’t exercise. I’m just a lazy putz and am too embarrassed to wear my pajama jeans. I’m advertising something that didn’t happen, and, let’s be honest, I knew was never going to happen that day. I mean, I might as well be walking around in scrubs and pretend I’m going to perform important surgery on some one’s body parts. “Please make way, madam! I am very important! Can’t you see I’m wearing scrubs?”You know those humiliating days. I don’t even break a sweat, let alone do anything remotely exercisey. I feel like a chump those days.
exercise clothes without exercise
credit: lucky cherry
You have some vague intention to run or lift weights at the gym or even walk, but you know when you put the clothes on that the probability of actually doing any of those things is slimmer than Kate Moss.I remember those days when I was working in an office and had the mental attitude of wearing yoga pants. You walk in on a Friday morning after a grueling week and you know that you are going to get a lot of your online shopping accomplished. Sometimes you are productive by accident, but your head is simply not in the game. Those days where you wish you could just call in “lame”.”I’m not going to be in today. I’m too lame. I don’t even have anything that I want to do. I just know I don’t want to do it at work.” At least with work, you can actually call in and tell them you aren’t showing up. No such luxury when you are a parent. “Children, Mom is lame today. Please make your own dinner. I’m off-duty tonight.” Whoooo-haaaa haaaa ha!


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  1. ev

    When the kids get older, you can call in. Tell them to cook. Now I don’t even do that. Last night- hubby said how about BLT’s for dinner? I pointed him to the stove.

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