internet searches go awry

When Internet Searches Go Awry: Porn Cookies

Have you ever had internet searches go awry? I had one recently involving anti-seizure medication. My son has been on anti-seizure meds since he was six days old. I have been ordering his myriad medications from mail-order pharmacies for over eight years. I suppose I should look at the stats of this phenomenon and marvel that this hasn’t happened before now. When I got the mail out of my mailbox today I was horrified to look at a plastic envelope with a two inch gash in it. Inside the envelope was an empty prescription bottle for Dev’s emergency seizure medication, clonazepam, but no clonazepam. Who steals a child’s emergency anti-seizure medication?
If Big Brother starts chasing my google search history, they are going to have a lot of questions for me.
Search #1: street value for clonazepam ($4-$5, allowing for acceptable profit margin).
Search #2: recreational use of clonazepam. (They have forums with comment strings that start with questions like, “Does anyone know the most effective way of using Clonazepam? Is it best to snort it, dissolve it under your tongue, swallow it, or smoke it?”).
I was certainly a proponent of privacy before, but it’s times like this where you can see how information like this, taken out of context and in the hands of someone, or some company or entity, with a malicious intent, could really wreak unbelievable havoc with your online persona and reputation. What happened to the days when the only thing you had to worry about with respect to the internet was how many cookies from porn sites your computer stores? Ahhhhhh, the good old days.
This is what google came up with when I asked it for an image of “porn cookies”
internet searches go awry
Porn cookies
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  1. Jencoy

    They were appropriately mortified and overnighted me medicine the next day. Two days later, I received the meds again! Score one for the home team. No doubt they billed me twice, but what the hey.

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