Just Made Me Laugh Today

These Things Just Made Me Laugh Today

I normally want to ram my bumper into mini-vans that have these personalized family car stickers (double bonus if the family is inside), but I will make an exception for Zombies, because Zombies (which I have elevated to the status of always being capitalized) fucking rock. Also, this is my friend’s car (not a mini-van), and I want to have lunch with her again.

Made Me Laugh Today

Just Made Me Laugh Today: Hoarding Hostess Snacks

I’m sure this is a scene that is unfolding in the parking lots across the globe. (Do they have twinkies in Africa?) Desperate Snack Aficionados (I keep using that word this week?) hoarding boxes of ding-dongs, but unable not to eat them in the car on the way home from the grocery store before they can make tens of dollars on the internet selling them like they are precious beanie babies. Am I the only person who has maintained confusion about why anyone would believe a beanie baby would ever be valuable? A Hostess twinkie I TOTALLY get. But beanie babies? Those wouldn’t be any fun to eat at all.
Made Me Laugh Today
Just Made Me Laugh Today: Tiny Bottles
This isn’t nearly as compelling as it was when I saw it in the grocery store. If you could see them in context you would realize they are tiny four-packs of miniature wine bottles. I could down one of these four-packs sitting on the toilet. I love miniature stuff as much as the next girl, but “miniature” and “liquor” are not words that I believe have any place residing together. That’s like saying “modest” and “turkey” when describing your Thanksgiving spread. I believe “liquor” or “wine” should be discussed in the context of “bulk” and “gallon”.
Made Me Laugh Today
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  1. ev

    I have stickers on the back of my jeep- one for hubby, one for me and one for each cat and dog we own. On the side window, however, is a Nightmare Before Christmas one- My family is a Nightmare. I get lots of comments on that one.

    I can get away with giving my employees mini-bottles of booze in their Xmas gifts. It’s easier to hide the evidence at work if you open them.

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