LouFest Music Festival 2012: Do You Realize?

Loufest Music Festival!

Several observations, in no particular order:
Our favorite band on Saturday was Phantogram. Wild Nothing on Saturday also rocked the casbah. The Cults were awesome as well.
I am not hanging out with enough men who wear ponytails.
Practically everyone in the world has a tattoo, save me.
People at Festivals like to wear clothing to show off as much of their tattoos as possible. I think if you got a tattoo on your buttocks that you already made a decision about whether your tat was going to be displayed. I don’t want to see it now. Just sayin’.
The first thing I thought when I saw these guys walking around as Beer was: “Those sexy dudes are sooooo getting laid tonight!” If those gloves aren’t the way to a lady’s heart, I don’t know what.
It rained on us three times on Saturday. These people were smart enough to wear body condoms. We were not smart at all and didn’t come prepared for rain either day. Oh well.
 I am simply not creating enough opportunities in my life to wear a tutu. How can life suck if you are wearing a tutu? Exactly. It can’t. We need more tutu!
And tin foil as fashion? Genius! No more expensive store-bought Halloween costumes for my kids!
Some favorite t-shirt messages we spied:
I hate People
I heart packages
I heart haters
Lance is Dope (worn by my husband)
 Doesn’t this look fun? Torrential downpour before The Flaming Lips took the stage Sunday night. Everyone was completely drenched and pretty much covered in hay and mud. My hands got pruny from standing in the rain! Soaked to the core. Port-o-potties so much better when covered in mud. Ewww.
One of the things I don’t understand: Women wearing high heeled hooker shoes to an outdoor music festival. WTF?

We rode our bikes to the Festival. I fell off my bicycle on the way TO the festival. In my meager defense, I was trying to carry two folding chairs. I lost count of how many times I fell off the bike FROM the festival. True, my husband did warn me not to wear a skirt, but I didn’t think it would be five pounds heavier completely rain soaked and bunching up around my knees. I’m not exactly known for my agility and cycling skills. Mad restroom skills don’t equate with balance and bicycle skills.

The ONLY responsible thing you can do when you are stuck in a rain storm is to drink beer. With that in mind, I was VERY responsible.
Flaming Lips were incredible, as always. You are missing out if you haven’t seen them live. So fun.
So much confetti. So many balloons and bouncing balls.
Wayne Coyne crowd surfing inside a giant plastic bubble.
Mesmerizing laser light show. Strobe lights.
Liquid Joy.
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  1. ev

    Rock Concert. Rain. Mud. Beer. Badly dressed people.

    Woodstock 94.

    Best costume- guy walking down the road with a bandana tied around his waist.

    And nothing else.

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