Outlook Poor For Melting Snow Couple


Melting Snow Couple Gasping Last Breaths

Concerned neighbors have been upset for the last few days hoping the melting snow couple in their neighbor’s yard will somehow pull through, despite warmer climates expected all this week. “At this point,” Neighbor Nelson advised, “the only thing that could save them (melting snow couple) was a miracle.” Friends and Family of the slain PV neighborhood snow couple are reportedly planning a night time vigil in the yard where Miss America Snow Girl and Pirate Cop Snow Boy still rest. They are bringing carrots and lumps of coal in hopes that the faces of the slain snow couple will be restored. “We may have to make the carrots feet instead.” The two continue to melt and decay following their murder by being left out in the elements by still unknown assailants who are considered armed and dangerous. The fate of the snow couple has some residents asking End of Life issues relating to when the proper time to declare the snow couple completely dead. “I think they are just mostly dead,” one neighbor reports. “It’s clearly in God’s hands now.”
We will continue to keep you advised on this developing story.
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    Love Princess Bride reference. My favorite movie. Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future. Seems I’ll be headed that way soon…


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