Slow Death for Melting Snow Man Snow Woman

Outlook Poor for Melting Snow Man Snow Woman (St. Louis, MO)

Friends and neighbors of murder victims, Miss America Snow Girl, and Pirate Cop Snow Boy, both age 1 week, were very upset that the melting snow man and snow woman remains of the four foot tall victims have not been properly disposed. “There isn’t snow on the ground hardly anywhere anymore and yet the snow couple remains, such as they are,” a neighbor who preferred not to be identified said to reporters. “Even the animals are creeped out by them,” said Nelly Perkins, a resident of the PV neighborhood where the Snow Girl and Snow Boy were once local celebrities.
melting snow man melting snow man
Perkins went on to say, “Who would do such a thing? It saddens me to walk my dog, Lester, by those melted rotting snow carcasses. I mean, they don’t smell or anything but what an eyesore.” Perkins opined that the yard in which the carelessly displayed snow bodies are still melting are probably in violation of some residential ordinance. “Maybe they’ll {the snow man and snow woman} be gone by the end of the day. It’s supposed to get up to 57 degrees today.” It won’t be soon enough for many residents of this upscale neighborhood. “It’s just disgraceful!”
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