Three Pageant Concerts in Four Days

A year or so ago, Kevin and I saw three Pageant concerts in four days. The scene of the crime was The Pageant in St. Louis, which is within walking distance from our house. Three Pageant concerts, completely different genres. Strangely, the concert I felt the most at home attending was standing next to the tatted, pierced dudes, while not bothering to sit in my seat. Not sure what that says about me other than I may not fit in at a corporation that required me to wear hosiery with my skirts.
I purchased tickets as soon as they went on sale to see the sold-out Phoenix show on a Monday night. Later, I decided I had regretted not having seen Better Than Ezra back in the day, so got tickets to see their show the Saturday night before. Friday of the same weekend happened to be Kevin’s birthday. At the last minute and on a whim, I bought tickets to see  Gogol Bordello.
  • The band we didn’t know, Gogol Bordello, self-proclaimed gypsy punk band from Manhattan, was on fire. Think Charlie Daniels fiddle meets Brave New Combo’s accordion played by Borat. The vibe in The Loop, surrounding the concert hall, was like a carnival before their show. The Arch Rival Roller Girls were in full derby regalia skating around the sidewalks promoting their sport. Concert-goers were walking around with mohawks and every color of the rainbow streaked in their hair, bedecked in outrageous vintage clothing. The show was pure adrenaline.
  • Better Than Ezra was better off staying in the 1990’s when they were popular. Songs were mainstream, the band looked like they were doing a commercial for American Outfitters, and there was no joy. The crowd- middle-aged and a little douchy. Couples, glad they were out for the evening away from their teenage kids, but not caring what the venue was. Far too much wine being served, which shouldn’t have been mixed with prozac.
  • Phoenix, the Grammy-award winning alternative band from France was fantastic. Great sound, great energy, college-aged crowd. I kept thinking that the band members were the definition of cool. Could the alignment of the stars to get laid by groupies get any better than being French and being Rock Stars? Some serious deals with the devil were hatched, no doubt.
pageant concerts
So, I post this in anticipation of reporting about the next concert we’re going to on Friday, Radiohead. I don’t prefer the big arena concerts anymore, but Radiohead is a band I want to see before I die, or they disband. We’ve cut way back on concerts during the Recession, so I’m pretty jazzed.
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  1. ev

    I love concerts. I have lost count on the number I have been to- big and small venues. One of my favorites was in a bar that had an entire bldg next to it with a stage and lots of standing room. It’s about an hour from here. About 4 years ago we went to see Shinedown. OMG! they were and still are, fantastic. When I saw them last year at a big outdoor arena, they were still just as good, but I loved the smaller venue. As I get old, I find myself not getting upset if someone comes to town and I don’t rush out and buy tickets.

    Oh, crap, I’m getting old. Fuck.

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