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Why hostile wit?

Hostile = nonconformist, skeptical, exposing, scrappy, defiant, saucy, offbeat. “Hostile” like that pair of  “hostile underwear” that attacks your crotch. Not “hostile” meaning unkind, bitter or malicious. 

Witness = to be present, to affirm the truth, advocate, corroborate.

Wit = insight, common sense, and humor. The stuff worth living for. 


% of white people who deny race gives them an advantage

Happiness is calling out public sexist entitlement

Happiness is calling out public sexist entitlement

“Not today, buddy. Not on my watch. Now, get the fuck out of here and take your place at the back of the line where you belong.” The “douchebag” being implied by my judgy demeanor, of course. He skulked back from whence he came, never to be seen by us again.

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White people: we created Trump

White people: we created Trump

White people: 9/11 was done to us. We did 11/9 to ourselves. My black LGBTQ friends told me Trump was coming 11/9, but it was too horrifying to believe. I could not accept white supremacy would win. I knew the risks of the first election without Voter Protection in...

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woman with blue hair smiling from inside a steamer trunk A parent, recovering lawyer, and writer. I never envisioned my midlife aspirations to include emulating Pussy Riot, but standing up for humanity has a way of changing a person. I’m a former corporate attorney set adrift following the 2008 economic downturn. I turned anti-racist activist, baptized by fire in the streets of Ferguson. Read More